I became a Home Inspector because my first Inspector did not explain or walk me through the report. I felt like I missed out on having my builder repair a lot of issues on my new home. When it came time for a career change I knew what I wanted to do.

I am a personable home inspector that wants to educate and guide my client. They are welcome to be with me the whole time and they do not have to wait for their report.

I have been a Professional Home Inspector for over 5 years and have come to the conclusion that homes are like people. We are not perfect, we are all a little messed up. A home is no different. We will go through your new home together and you can ask me any questions you have. I’ll show you where the important stuff is and how to operate and maintain it. At the end of the inspection I will  go over the whole report, then I will email the report the same day usually within a couple of hours.


Our Approach

Our Story


Eric has always had a curious nature and a desire to work with his hands. When he was younger he was no stranger to frequent moving and needing to renovate or complete each new home along the way. He had taught himself a lot about how a home works and needs to be maintained or repaired well before becoming an inspector. He has a thirst for knowledge and frequently seeks out new training courses or educational materials in an effort to be the best inspector he can be. Clients who work with Eric benefit from his sound advice, wealth of knowledge, and ability to think fast and answer all of their questions honestly and accurately. Buying a home is probably the largest investment you'll ever make. How can you know exactly what you're buying? A home inspection, from a trusted home inspector, could potentially save you thousands of dollars by uncovering hidden issues with the home. Before they become a problem.

You're not just buying a home inspection, you're gaining an unbiased education on the homes current condition.

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