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My Top Priority Is Your Best Interest


We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a professional, non-intrusive, visual inspection of your home, from roof to foundation.

Outside the home, we'll check the exterior walls, roof, driveway, deck, etc., then we'll move inside to examine the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows. The heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems will all be examined to ensure they function as intended. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms receive a thorough check, along with the attic and crawl space.

  • Foundation and Support Structure

  • Fireplaces

  • Roof Systems

  • Water Heater

  • Ventilation

  • Electrical Capacity & Components

  • Structural Integrity

  • Steps and Stairs

  • Heat System

  • Safety Controls

  • Central Air Conditioning System

  • Walks and Driveways

  • Built-in Appliances

  • Plumbing System & Fixtures

  • Garages, Carports, Workshops or Other External Buildings

  • Surface Drainage

  • Windows and Doors

  • Insulation

  • Gutters and Downspouts

  • Decks

We offer Quality Inspections. Buying property can be scary, and to some may be their biggest investment. Let us bring you piece of mind with your decision. We follow the Texas Real Estate Commission Standard of Practice at a minimum. Inspectors are not tied to the closing and provide a 3rd party voice to our clients with information regarding the systems and components of the home inspected. So you can make an informed decision on whether to purchase the property.

We Work for You!

We invite you to come along and watch as we inspect the property. While there, you're free to ask questions any time during the inspection.

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Are you preparing your home to place it on the market?  Most informed buyers will probably have a third party inspection performed on your home prior to closing.  An inspection will almost always reveal the need for some deficiencies to be corrected before the buyers move forward on the purchase of the house.  This could place you, as the seller, in a position to do some quick, hasty repairs to meet time constraints of the sales contract, which could cost considerably more than if you had time to do the repairs in a leisurely manner.  Getting your home inspected before you put it on the market will help eliminate these kind of surprises and could save a lot of money on repair costs.

A pre-listing inspection is also a great sales tool.  Having a pre-sales inspection performed will insure the potential buyers that you are concerned about their interest in the transaction and will give them more confidence to complete the purchase.

A pre-listing inspection gives you the ability to list your home with confidence.  It can also relieve considerable stress for you and your family during the sales process and buyers inspection should they choose to have one performed.  They may not order an inspection if you have already provided one for them. This could greatly streamline the process and create plenty of goodwill.

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If you own a new home and your 1 year builders warranty is about to expire, you should consider having your home inspected by a professional home inspector.  Quite often problems and deficiencies in a new home will begin showing up in the first year of the home’s life.  Having an inspection done a few weeks to a month before your warranty expires will give you time to notify the builder of items that are in need of repair.  These repairs should all be made at the builders expense possibly saving you many times the cost of the inspection.  If no problems are found you will have the peace of mind knowing your home is in great condition for years to come.

Your inspection will be accompanied by a complete and thorough written report with descriptions and digital pictures of deficiencies found in your home.  The report can serve as documentation of the work that is required which should be covered by the builders warranty.

Your new home is a large investment in your future.  Proper care and maintenance is of great importance and will increase the life span of your home and it’s systems.  Having your home inspected will increase the enjoyment of living in your new home, knowing that all systems are in good working condition.

missing duct vents
missing duct vents


To schedule your inspection you may callemail, or request your inspection through this website. We will handle all of the details of getting your inspection scheduled whether you are the buyer, seller, or real estate agent we are here to serve you promptly.


A typical inspection can take 3-4 hours. You or your realtor are not required to attend the inspection, but we do encourage you to meet the inspector on-site for a review of the findings. At this time you will have the opportunity to walk the property and ask questions about the major components being inspected.


You will receive a digital copy of your findings in a written report sent to your email with 24 hours. We typically strive for same day. Within the report are pictures and a summary of the deficiencies discovered during the inspection process.


We perform each and every inspection as if we were going to live in it ourselves. We do not let external influences compromise our inspection reports or findings.

We are committed to providing you with exemplary service and promise to keep your best interest throughout the entire inspection.