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Summer Heat Got You Down?

Dirty A/C Coils If you have air conditioning equipment that you rely on, chances are you probably understand the importance of regular maintenance. But the trouble is, not all preventative maintenance includes coil cleaning. If a service vendor has been recommending this procedure, you may be wondering why you need to clean A/C coils. Here’s a quick explanation followed by more information for those of you who want the details. Why clean A/C coils? The

Easy Ideas for Saving Water at Home

Easy Ideas for Saving Water at Home There are steps you can take to lower your monthly utility costs, including those associated with your water bill. Take a closer look at the benefits of saving water at home to see how some easy changes to daily habits can help your family save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Benefits of Saving Water at Home The water we use daily has to be treated, processed, and

5 Tips For Preparing Your Fireplace for Winter

There is nothing like a cozy, crackling fire on a freezing winter evening. So that you’re ready when it comes time to light the first fire, begin preparing your fireplace for winter now. These five tips will have your fireplace winter ready in no time. 1. Get Your Fireplace and Chimney Professionally Cleaned One of the first steps in preparing your fireplace for winter is hiring a professional chimney cleaner to come to your house and perform

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

The fall season is when temperatures begin to drop and more people spend time in their homes. When it comes to prepping for the cooler months ahead, you’ll need to prep your home for more time spent on the property with your family. Here are a few practical ways to get your home ready for fall. 1. Tend to the Fireplace to Get Your Home Ready for Fall You’ll need to tend to the fireplace