Summer Heat Got You Down?

Dirty A/C Coils If you have air conditioning equipment that you rely on, chances are you probably understand the importance of regular maintenance. But the trouble is, not all preventative maintenance includes coil cleaning. If a service vendor has been recommending this procedure, you may be wondering why you need to clean A/C coils. Here’s a quick explanation followed by more information for those of you who want the details. Why clean A/C coils? The

6 Simple Tips To Heat Your Home Efficiently This Winter Season

Heating your home often accounts for a large portion of your energy costs  You may wonder if there are things you can do to reduce that extra expense every winter. In this article, we provide some ways to heat your home efficiently. 1. Use Your Oven or Wood-Burning Appliance More Often During the winter, you’ll likely spend some nights sitting by a cozy fire. Or you may find yourself using your oven more often to

Dyer Lint Accumulation – Fire Hazard

Dyer Lint Accumulation – Fire Hazard Texas Reliable Inspections The US Fire Administration, which is a division of the US Department of Homeland Security reports that clothes dryers were the instrumental cause of an estimated 15,600 structure fires, fifteen deaths, 400 injuries and almost 100 million dollars of property damage each year.  Lack of regular maintenance, which means cleaning lint build up in the exhaust hoses of dryers, was the leading cause of clothes dryer

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