Summer Heat Got You Down?

Dirty A/C Coils If you have air conditioning equipment that you rely on, chances are you probably understand the importance of regular maintenance. But the trouble is, not all preventative maintenance includes coil cleaning. If a service vendor has been recommending this procedure, you may be wondering why you need to clean A/C coils. Here’s a quick explanation followed by more information for those of you who want the details. Why clean A/C coils? The

5 Grilling Safety Tips For a Safe Summer

Grilling out is one of the most fun parts of summer, not to mention cooking outside helps to keep your house cool inside. Before you fire up the grill, check out these grilling safety tips that you should heed to avoid any accidents. Keep Your Grill Clean Keeping your grill clean should always be added to your list of grilling safety tips. A clean grill will cook your food more efficiently than one that’s caked in crusted food or

6 Tips to Help Reduce Summer Cooling Costs

When summer rolls around, extra energy consumption can take its toll on your bank account. Air conditioning can increase the energy you consume by nearly 60%, an increase that will show up on your utility bill. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce summer cooling costs and beat the heat and the excess expenses. Add the six simple strategies below into your daily routine and cool your home more efficiently. 1. Replace the Air Filters