Sellers Checklist

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Seller Inspection Checklist

To Use In Preparation For Your Home Inspection


1.______All Utilities turned on.

2.______ Access clear to electrical panel, crawl space, attic space and garage walls 3.______Please remove or put up pets


4. ______Make sure water drains away from the house (downspout and splash blocks away from house)
5.______Fix any loose shingles or nail pops on the roof
6_______Clean gutters and clear downspouts
7._______Check wood trim joints for softness and caulk
8._______Check any steps for loose bricks or wood
9._______Check any handrail for looseness
10.______If there is a deck check for weathering wood
11. ______Check to make sure there is no wood or fallen insulation is on the ground in the crawlspace.
12. ______Make sure hose bibs aren’t loose or leaking
13._______Add anti-siphon attachment to hose bib if it doesn't have one.


14.______Check auto reverse on garage door
15. ______Check garage walls for termite (mud) tubes
16. ______Clear items off garage walls.
17. ______Make sure fire rating (drywall is not compromised


18.______Check all windows can open and close
19. ______Check that all windows can stay up on their own
20._______Check all windows for broken seals/cracks
21._______Check all outlet covers are tight and not missing screws
22._______Make sure all doors open and close without rubbing
23._______Check walls and doors for punctures from door handle or from door stop
24._______Check ceiling fans on all 3 speeds for wobbling
25. _______Check and replace all burned out light bulbs.
26. _______Consider getting carpet cleaned and re-stretched if needed.
27._______Check for and fix any holes/nail pops in walls/ceiling

Kitchens and Bathrooms

28.________Fill all sink basins, drain, check for leaks
29.________Check disposal and dishwasher
30.________Check cabinets for looseness and rubbing
31.________Check that all burners and elements work on stove and oven
32.________Check counter and splash block for needed caulking
33.________Check for loose tiles
34.________Check the toilet for cracks or loose/rocking toilets
35.________Check flush and supply and that the toilet cuts off
36. ________Make sure hot and cold aren’t reversed (hot is on left)
37.________Check all faucets for water pressure. Try cleaning out aerators/screens
38. ________Check laundry connection for leaks
39._________Check water heater (TPR valve too) for leaks
40._________Check for tripped or missing breakers.

Please note: More than likely the buyers will come to the inspection. Please have house clean. Don’t leave dishes in the sink, pans in the oven, or cars in the garage. Also change all filters prior to the inspection. Consider having something (water) for buyers to drink. Leave your # for inspector if he has any questions about the operation of your home.